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Alexa Is Freaking The Fuck Out Of Amazon Echo Users With Unprovoked ‘Witch-Like’ Laughter & Acts Of Defiance!

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Go home, Alexa. You’re scaring people.

Over the past week, many owners of the Amazon Echo are claiming their handy virtual assistant has been creeping them out with random fits of strange laughter.

Twitter and Reddit users have been reporting this alarming, “witch-like” cackle coming from their devices — sometimes unprompted or as a bizarre response to requests to turn off the lights.

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Others are citing even worse behavior from *Evil Alexa*, including their devices whistling(!), reciting the definition of “please” in response to a command(!!), and even apparently listing off local cemeteries(!!?).

Amazon responded to the deviant behavior in a statement to The Verge, saying the company is “aware of this and working to fix it.” Maybe just unplug (and BURN) all your echos until then, yeah?

Take a look (below) read the unsettling reports and hear the evil Alexa laughter for yourself!

[Image via Amazon.]

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adminadminAlexa Is Freaking The Fuck Out Of Amazon Echo Users With Unprovoked ‘Witch-Like’ Laughter & Acts Of Defiance!
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PETA BLASTS Tomi Lahren For Dog Kicking Video!

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Animal cruelty is no laughing matter…

On Wednesday morning,

The conservative pundit was heard saying:

“Why don’t you tell the world what you were doing during my entire Fox & Friends hit? Oh I know, chewing on her damn bone as loud as she possibly could. So I had to kick her about five times during the show.”

As seen here:

Later that day, TMZ photogs caught the Fox News contributor at LAX where they questioned her about the controversial clip. The 25-year-old insists it was all a “joke,” as she “[loves her] dog more than anything in the world.” She said:

“I think people are pretty logical and they understand it was a joke… Anyone who knows me knows I love my dog more than anything in the world… Slow news day for you guys, isn’t it?”

In response, PETA‘s senior director of cruelty casework Stephanie Bell said in a statement:

“Only a heartless person would kick a dog just for doing what dogs normally do — and a reasonable person would simply have moved out of the way or moved the animal.”

No animals were harmed in the writing of this post.

[Image via Tomi Lahren/Instagram.]

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Sofia Richie Reveals Boyfriend Scott Disick Named Her New Puppy But Why Does Kim Kardashian Think The Dog Belongs To Niece Penelope??

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Sofia Richie‘s precious new pup has a name — and Scott Disick can be credited for coming up with the moniker!

On Thursday, while at Issey Miyake Launch Party at Milk Studios in El Lay, Lionel Richie‘s daughter revealed that her 5-week-old wiener dog’s name is Hershela (spelling not confirmed).

Video: Kourtney Kardashian Is Considering Having More Kids!

In regards to how she settled on the unique name, the It-girl told People:

“Her name’s [Hershela]. My boyfriend named her … I kind of just ran with it. It made me laugh. I liked Hershey and he liked Hershela, so it was like a middle ground.”

Awwwww. As to why Lord Disick got the honor of naming the puppy, the 19-year-old explained that since the father-of-three got her the pup, he should have a hand in naming it. She continued:

“He wanted the dog for a while, but he ended up surprising me with it.”

And it appears that Miz Richie is already in love with the little animal. The up-and-comer even gushed:

“I am obsessed with wiener dogs, so I’ve just been sitting at home staring at her all day like a psychopath. I think this is like my first proper outing since I got her.”

However, it seems like not everyone is informed that Scott bought the animal for his lady love. Recently, Kim Kardashian West had a Snapchat session with the dog, and claimed that the animal belonged to Disick’s daughter Penelope (below). Either Keeks is being SUPER shady and isn’t acknowledging Sofia’s existence or the KUWTK vet has kept some info to himself.

🐶 Clarified #kimkardashian @kimkardashianA post shared by Kim Kardashian Snapchats 🍑 (@kimksnapchats) on Feb 20, 2018 at 6:28pm PST

Huh. We guess we’ll just have to wait and see if Kim clarifies anything…

[Image via Instagram.]

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adminadminSofia Richie Reveals Boyfriend Scott Disick Named Her New Puppy But Why Does Kim Kardashian Think The Dog Belongs To Niece Penelope??
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Brittany Furlan Speaks Out After Pamela Anderson Accuses Her Of Keeping Tommy Lee Drunk!

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Additionally, a source told Page Six on Thursday that the social media personality has “driven a wedge” between the 55-year-old rocker and his close circle of friends.

That night, the actress spoke out, telling Page Six via email:

“This is so awful… Every time a friend calls, I encourage him to go see them, to hang out. HE decides what he wants to do. Not me. We just went to Cabo with some friends…. When people first fall in love they tend to spend a lot of time together. That’s just how it is. It is Tommy who makes his own decisions, I don’t tell him what to do. He’s a grown man.”

Um, yeah! Absolutely. He is a grown man.

In fact, Furlan says she is the one who got the musician into therapy as she calls the entire situation:

“sad and I’m very hurt that I’m being blamed when I’ve only ever tried to help… I love Tommy, have always only wanted the best for him, I am wishing peace for all involved.”

Lee told TMZ on Thursday that although he “[drinks] more than the average Joe,” he is not a “deviant alcoholic abuser.”

After the violent confrontation on Monday night, Furlan called 911 and told the emergency dispatcher that Lee was knocked out unconscious and was bleeding from his mouth. She also feared the “guns” in Brandon’s room.

The couple announced their engagement in February. Fans who follow Brittany and Tommy are shocked by the allegations, as avid followers of their Insta Stories (and let’s be real, they do A LOT of Insta Stories) have only ever seen seemingly happy, coherent footage of their relationship — mostly cooking for each other, trying to get their dogs out of the restroom… you know, usual and normal shit!

So, Perezcious readers. Who do YOU believe here?

[Image via Instagram.]

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adminadminBrittany Furlan Speaks Out After Pamela Anderson Accuses Her Of Keeping Tommy Lee Drunk!
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No One Can Control Donald Trump’s Disastrous Twitter Habits Not Even Ivanka & Melania Trump!

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No one in the White House can get a handle on Donald Trump‘s erratic tweeting. But we guess we aren’t too shocked.

In a new interview with The New York Times, POTUS’ former chief of staff Reince Priebus says he, Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, and communications director Hope Hicks have all tried to end Trump’s disastrous Twitter habits to no avail.

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Priebus explained:

“I told him, ‘Some of it’s not helpful, it causes distraction. We can get thrown off our message by tweeting things that aren’t the issues of the day.’ Everybody tried at different times to cool down the Twitter habit — but no one could do it. Not me, Jared, Ivanka, Hope.”

He added that Melania wasn’t able to get through to her husband either:

“After the joint session, we all talked to him and Melania said, ‘No tweeting.’ And he said, ‘OK — for the next few days.’ We had many discussions involving this issue. We had meetings in the residence. I couldn’t stop it.”

Wow, we actually have a four year old as president. It’s astonishing, really.

[Image via Flashpoint/WENN.]

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adminadminNo One Can Control Donald Trump’s Disastrous Twitter Habits Not Even Ivanka & Melania Trump!
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Man Discovers Heaps Of Dead Dogs On Morning Walk

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On Tuesday, a South Carolina man discovered stacks of recently killed dogs during his morning walk, according to videos shared on FacebookFacebook.

In the disturbing footage, Mickey Fortin (pictured above) said he was walking along a road in Laurens County when he noticed the treacherous scene.

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He is heard saying:

“I’ve seen a lot of things here in my travels… Right now, as I’m walking I’m seeing these things laying in a heap and I’m wondering, ‘What the hell is that?'”

Although he initially thought the heap consisted of trash or old clothes, the man soon realized it was four dead chihuahuas.

“Who would do something like this?… To me it’s devastating.”

According to Giles Gilmer, the supervisor of Laurens County Animal Control, the chihuahuas were shot in the head and had been dead for around 10 to 12 hours.

After calling 911, Fortin walked further and found the carcasses of two larger dogs and a second pile of dead chihuahuas, according to WYFF4.

A total of 15 deceased dogs were found that morning.

In a press release obtained by People, the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating the situation.

[Image via Mickey Fortin/Facebook.]

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Could Catt Sadler Be Returning To The Red Carpet Soon? See The Evidence!

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We would be SO here for this!

As you know, Catt Sadler quit E! News after getting a tip that her male counterpart, Jason Kennedy, was making over double her salary — even when she was doing two more shows than him a week! The patriarchy’s a bitch, y’all.

Anywho, the mother of two stood her ground and took the huge risk of walking out the door — and now she’s one of the most prominent faces of the Time’s Up movement. Werk.

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Now the question is… what’s next for the longtime journalist?

This week, the 43-year-old replied to a fan on Twitter (in a now-deleted tweet) teasing a possible return to TV on March 4 — which just so happens to be the date of the Oscars. Further, in a new interview with Cosmopolitan, the host said not to “count her out” for awards season.

She commented when asked about missing the red carpets this year:

“Don’t count me out! There’s still one show to go, you know.”

Could Catt possibly be finding her way on the Oscars carpet interviewing for another outlet? Representing herself? The possibilities are endless!

She will be co-hosting The View on Wednesday, so we’re hoping for some sort of exciting announcement about her future! Stay tuned alert!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN]

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adminadminCould Catt Sadler Be Returning To The Red Carpet Soon? See The Evidence!
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Two Gay Military Vets Share Their Story Of Coming Out & Getting Hitched In Their Veteran Home!

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Sometimes, acceptance is found where you least expect it.

That was the case for World War II veteran John Banvard (above, left) and his husband Gerard “Jerry” Nadeau (above, right), a Vietnam vet, who expected backlash from fellow residents after tying the knot at the veterans home where they lived.

Thankfully, the couple was pleasantly surprised by how accepting the other vets at their Chula Vista, California nursing home were, despite having been previously confused about what John and Jerry’s relationship was.

While they remained coy about their love story for years, the military veterans have been together for “almost 25 years,” and were both “sort of” in the closet when they met back in 1993.

Speaking on NPR‘s Morning Edition radio show on Friday, the 100-year-old John explained:

“When we met, we were sort of in the closet, and I’d never had a real relationship.”

At the time, John’s wife of over 35 years had died almost a decade prior and he had never been in a serious relationship with a man. Neither had Jerry.

Although the two had different interests — John was an art and theater geek while Jerry was an outdoorsman — the pair hit it off and fell in love.

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It wasn’t until 2013, after three years of living together, did the vets decide to take the next step in their relationship: getting married in a casual ceremony at the nursing home where they lived, with hot dogs served as the main course!

Though John was “expecting we’d be ridiculed,” he was happy to find the other vets were accepting of their love. Remembering one sweet moment when another resident introduced the couple to his family, the 72-year-old Jerry said:

“I was with you in the cafeteria, and somebody came up with their family, and they said, ‘This is Gerard Nadeau, and this is his husband, John.'”

Jerry explained that this was the first time he had heard John referred to as his husband.

Awww, true love really is worth the wait! Acceptance shouldn’t have to be — but better late than never, right?

[Image via Facebook.]

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adminadminTwo Gay Military Vets Share Their Story Of Coming Out & Getting Hitched In Their Veteran Home!
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Teen Mom 2 Stars Rally Against Jenelle Evans’ Husband After His EXTREMELY Homophobic Rant!

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Jenelle Evans isn’t the only one in her family making headlines this week.

On Monday, the mother of three’s husband David Eason appeared to go on a rant on Twitter, which featured homophobic language and pro gun rhetoric. Specifically, the Teen Mom 2 star referred to those in the LGBTQ community as “abominations.” Just awful.

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While Eason’s account has since been taken down, alleged screenshots of the derogatory posts have circulated around the internet. Apparently, during a debate on whether those with concealed carry permits should be allowed to bring guns onto school property, Eason was accused of “glorifying assault rifles” and was advised to teach his kids “how to solve problems without calling people names or using force.”

In response, David hit back with:

“And just what makes you think you have the right to tell me how to be a parent? Because you think you know me? Lmao why don’t you go tell the homo and transgender parents to start teaching their kids better morals? Oh I forgot that’s supposed to be normal.”

SERIOUSLY?!?!? Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Just sayin’…

When asked if he was teaching his children to hate gay and transgender people, Eason noted:

“No, I’m going to teach them not to associate with them or be that way. If you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas.”

Smh. This type of talk is NOT okay.

Understandably, those in the Teen Mom community are displeased with David’s behavior, with some even calling for his removal from the show. Jenelle and David’s costar Kailyn Lowry led the charge, as she shared online:

Miz Lowry confirmed her sentiment to TMZ, as she informed them that she wants Eason off TM2 and to stay far away from her family. She also added that she feels bad for his children for having to “grow up with someone that clearly holds so much hate towards others.”

Kailyn wasn’t alone in her criticism, as Leah Messer also weighed in on the scandal:

Snap! Snap! Randy Houska, the father of Teen Mom 2 vet Chelsea Houska, went onto accuse David of being “intolerant” and “homophobic”:

DAMMMMN. You go, Poppa Houska!!!

Other MTV personalities added:

A petition has since been launched to encourage MTV to fire Mr. and Mrs. Eason. You can find it HERE!!

[Image via Instagram.]

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VOTE: Would YOU Eat This Meal Kim Kardashian Gave Her Kids??

Kim Kardashian West gets points for novelty here — but we don’t think her new culinary creation will catch on.

In an Instagram Story on Saturday, the momma of three shared her latest recipe which attempts to hit two cravings simultaneously: hot dog sushi.

Photo: Kim Is Having North Take Her Topless Pics Now?

According to Kim, North and Saint love hot dogs and they love sushi, so she thought, “what the heck, two great tastes…”

But would they taste great together though??

See the result and let us know if YOU would try it (below):


[Image via Instagram.]

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