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Rescued An Abandoned Kitten Left By The Road My Dog Is A Big Fan So Far

One evening, we came upon a little gray furball in the grass by a road. The area was sadly known for people dropping off their unwanted cats, given that a person living nearby would, on occasion, leave food out for them.

The kitten was malnourished and ridden with fleas, though very curious and playful. We decided to give him a new chance in life, bringing him home, feeding him proper food, and taking him to the vet.

His fur fell out in a few spots considering how bad the flea infestation got, and even the vet was surprised such a young kitten survived it. He got a kitten-friendly flea treatment and got introduced to the rest of our pets – two cats, and a Samoyed dog.

The cats weren’t very enthusiastic, though they didn’t mind him all that much either. The dog, on the other hand, fell in love with the little guy as soon as she saw him. She kept whining as she looked at him, begging to be let closer to him. She loves our other cats too and considering how gentle and kind she is, we finally let them meet properly. And so, a friendship was born.

She was overjoyed meeting the little guy, and took any chance she could to be close to him

At first, he was nervous, but relaxed once he realized she meant no harm for him

He didn’t enjoy the fact she drooled all over him much, but she grew on him too. He is a friendly little guy, loves the company of humans, taking any chance to nap on someone’s chest while purring loudly

His fur is slowly growing back, and you can already tell he’s going to be a majestic cat once he grows up. Combined with his friendly nature, he really does make a wonderful cat friend

Her name is Tina, and we named him Teddy. He is the second kitten we brought home while she was in it, and the first one grew up to love her to bits. And I’m sure this one will too


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adminadminRescued An Abandoned Kitten Left By The Road My Dog Is A Big Fan So Far
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25+ Hilarious Photos That Prove Cats Are The Biggest Assholes

Our pets can, just like us, be assholes. Dogs are a bit clumsy, mischievous, and often motivated by greed. They will rip up your couch cushions just because it’s fun to do. But there’s no malice involved and they really do love you, they are just idiots sometimes.

Cats, on the other hand, are something else entirely. Sometimes it seems like they know exactly what they are doing, and they take a kind of perverse pleasure in pissing you off. They are cold, calculating assholes, and they aren’t shy about it! Why else would they poop in your sink or sit on your pizza?

We asked our readers to send in pics of their cats being mean for no particular reason, and were amazed with the hilariously evil submissions we received. Scroll down below to check them out for yourself, and don’t forget to upvote your favorites!

View More Replies…

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adminadmin25+ Hilarious Photos That Prove Cats Are The Biggest Assholes
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People Who Work With Animals Are Sharing Their Cutest Photos, And We Cant Get Enough

Have you ever considered volunteering at an animal shelter? Millions of animals are in need of love and attention, and most of all, a new home! Volunteers are vitally important to shelters, many of which are overstretched and underfunded.

We here at Bored Panda compiled a list of pics taken by animal shelter volunteers, so you can see just how sweet it is to be surrounded by fluffballs while at work. After seeing these, you’ll definitely be inspired to go and help out. Don’t be fooled though, as appealing as spending time with animals may be, you will be asked to do all kinds of tasks. From admin and fundraising to cleaning the poop out of the kennels, there is much more to it than cuddling puppies!

Scroll down below to check out the pics for yourself, and for more info you can check out here and here.

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Wine for you and your feline is on sale for National Drink Wine With Your Cat Week

Clink clink, y'all.
Image: petwinery

Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable’s commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, Mashable may earn an affiliate commission.

Drinking wine alone with your cat is an unspoken rite of passage to becoming an adult. And if you find yourself turning down plans because you’re “busy” when in reality you’re just going home to sip Merlot while Fluffy snuggles into you on the couch, you might want to keep reading. is combining two post Valentine’s Day holidays, National Drink Wine Day on Feb. 18 and National Love Your Pet Day on Feb. 20, to create one massive holiday week that I personally have been waiting my entire life for: National Drink Wine With Your Cat Week. It’s running from Feb. 19 to Feb. 23, and it’s amazing.

Okay so it might be made up, but aren’t all holidays technically made up? And who cares, because wine is on sale at multiple retailers and that’s something we will never complain about. Remember the non-alcoholic cat wine trend from a few years back? It’s totally still a thing and it’s also on sale. 

Check out the best deals on wine for the upcoming week — we encourage stocking up as much as possible.

For your cat

The PetWinery is your cat’s best bet for Wine Wednesday as they stock all things animal mocktails at the Pet Bar. The menu includes cat champagne and cat wine, because after a long, hard day of being a cat, they need a little something to take the edge off, too.

The drinks are non-alcoholic, but they are rich in fish oil, which is said to have multiple health benefits for cats. Choose from flavors like Meowsling, Purrgundry, and Mëow & Chandon, and take 20% off any order with this exclusive coupon code.

For you

Image: martha stewart wine co.

Here’s the stuff you really care about. With five retailers offering discounts on wine from too many brands to count, we’d say the possibilities are truly endless. If you’re too impatient to wait for bottles to come in the mail, check out alcohol delivery services like Drizly and get a bottle or five delivered to your doorstep in an hour. 

More deals on wine for National Drink Wine With Your Cat Week: On Feb. 18, take 10% off your first order and 10% off when you buy six bottles or more. Plus get $20 off orders over $100 for new customers.

Martha Stewart Wine Co: Save up to 25% on Martha’s picks including Sauvignon Blanc, Moscato, Malbec, and many types of Rosé.

WSJ Wine: Get dry reds and whites starting at $9.99.

Uncorked: Save 10% on all orders.

Minibar Delivery: Get $10 off any order for new customers.

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adminadminWine for you and your feline is on sale for National Drink Wine With Your Cat Week
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30+ Shameless Pets That Stole Owners Partner And Didnt Even Feel Sorry

We all love our pets, and (with the exception of maybe a few angry cats) they really do love us too. Some however love us a little too much. They don’t want anyone coming between them and their favourite humans, and they are not afraid to show it!

Bored Panda has compiled a list of jealous pets that will try to steal your significant other if you aren’t careful. Scroll down to check out the hilarious list below and don’t forget to vote for your favourite!

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adminadmin30+ Shameless Pets That Stole Owners Partner And Didnt Even Feel Sorry
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Tia is a very adorable cat helping out New Zealand police

Cats aren’t the first animals you’d think to join a police beat, but in New Zealand, things are a bit different.

Tia the cat works at Wellington District Police, helping out senior constable Kerry Morrell at its scene of crime office, as per a video posted on its Facebook page.

Look, Tia may only be able to work around 30 minutes at a time, but fortunately she’s pretty receptive to a pat or three.

“She’s also pretty good at admin, paperwork, and the odd bit of light typing. But her favourite thing is nap time,” a police spokesperson told the New Zealand Herald.

“Tia doesn’t come to work very often. Our human officers work so much faster so she tends to stay home most of the time. And she knows our dogs are just a little bit better at some police work than cats.”

Tia isn’t the only feline helping police in New Zealand with their work: There’s also Snickers the cat, who helps out police over in Whangaparaoa, and has his own Instagram page.

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People are super psyched over Ikea’s new pet furniture collection

Image: ikea/screenshot

Even dogs and cats need to relax in style.

Ikea has just dropped a new collection designed exclusively for pets.

The new Lurvig collection, which means “hairy” in Swedish, made its pilot launch in five countries — Japan, France, Canada, U.S and Portugal (Algarve) at the start of October, an Ikea spokesperson told Mashable.

From a plush dog bed to a fancy scratching mat, Ikea’s pretty much got you covered.

Image: ikea japan/instagram


Here’s the catalogue, even if you aren’t in a country that has the goods yet yet.

People are really, really psyched.

And those that did manage to get their hands on the new collection naturally had to flaunt it on social media.

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According to the Swedish furniture giant, the new collection was created by “pet loving designers with support from trained veterinarians.”

The collection is also pretty affordable, as is usually the case with the Swedish retailer, with the collection’s priciest item, its padded cat house, coming in at $54.

Though really, we know we’re going to end up buying it all anyway.

Brb, shopping on Ikea now.

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Google Photos gets more pet-friendly

If you’re a pet owner who uses Google Photos, you’ve probably typed in “dog” or “cat” before in order to surface photos of your furry pal – like anytime someone asks you about your pet, for example, which clearly means they would like to see a picture of Mr. Fluffypants. Today, Google is introducing an easier way to aggregate your pet photos in its Photos app – by allowing you to group all your pet’s photos in one place, right beside the people Google Photos organized using facial recognition.

This is an improvement over typing in “dog,” or another generalized term, because the app will now only group together photos of an individual pet together, instead of returning all photos you’ve captured with a “dog” in them.

And like the face grouping feature, you can label the pet by name to more easily pull up their photos in the app, or create albums, movies or photo books using their pictures.

In addition, Google Photos lets you type in an animal’s breed to search for photos of pets, and it lets you search for photos using the dog and cat emojis. The company also earlier this year introduced a feature that would create a mini-movie starring your pet, but you can opt to make one yourself by manually selecting photos then choosing from a half-dozen tracks to accompany the movie, says Google.

Helping people with their pet photos (and those of kids, we should note) is a big selling point for photo-taking apps and other photography accessories. For instance, Google’s new camera called Clips has been specially designed to automate the process of taking the best photos of children and pets by capturing “motion photos” without sound, then using on-board machine learning algorithms to figure out which are the best images.

Google says the new pet-friendly features in Google Photos will roll out today to most countries worldwide.

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