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Cops Say The Million Dollar Heist At Kyle Richards’ House Is NOT An Inside Job Details HERE

This is pretty scary for Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky.

As we reported earlier this week, the pair’s estate in Encino was robbed while they were away on Wednesday, and thieves made off with more than a million dollars in jewelry and purses in the process.

But now, we know that police are confident this was NOT an inside job — and disturbingly, the heist bears some resemblance to burglaries perpetrated earlier this year at the homes of Mariah Carey and baseball star Yasiel Puig.

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Cops say that based on how quickly and seamlessly the thieves entered the house — and where they went once inside — this no doubt was a job done by professionals. Scary!!!

There are things we knew at the time of the burglary — like Mauricio losing $150,000 worth of watches from his closet — but new details are also being revealed about some of the valuable and sentimental pieces lost in the burglary, too.

For one, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star lost ALL of her handbags in the burglary, including Birkin and Chanel pieces.

She also lost a gold wedding band with the inscription “Mauricio forever,” as well as the $100,000 earrings Mauricio get her for their 20th anniversary last year (the ones that Andy Cohen presented her with on WWHL!!!).

Apparently, a lot of the jewelry including pieces Kyle had been given by her late mother, and she had been planning to give the same pieces on to her daughters in the future. No doubt there will be an emotional and sentimental toll here.

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Most importantly, the key thing: the house has a state-of-the-art security system that can be turned on remotely, but for some reason there was a “misunderstanding,” according to TMZ, and the security system was NOT on.

That means it appears there may not be an surveillance video of the thieves in action.

Oh, and the family has three big dogs, too — including a 100-lb. German Shepherd — but all three were away from the house finishing up a five-week obedience course.

In other words, it was truly the perfect time to stage this burglary. Crazy!!!

Don’t go trying anything now, though… there’s apparently an armed guard on the property around the clock in the wake of the theft.

No one has been apprehended yet, and if it turns out there’s no surveillance footage as previously thought, well, there may never be an arrest made. Awful stuff!!! No one should have to go through this!!

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